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Natural Peridot (3.35 Carat)

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Peridot is one of the best varieties of olivine which consists of a large number of minerals such as magnesium and iron silicate. The gem is very famous and popular among
humans for thousands of years back in ancient times. Some historians write in their books that the kings and queens use peridot in the crowns in the past for showing their
symbol because of their high authority among the people.
It is one of the gems that appear only the yellow-green color and is difficult to find them. Most people wear this
peridot and they believe that peridot is bringing prosperity, peace, success, and dignity to their lifestyle activities.


Natural peridot contains the following specification.
The weight of the gem is 3.35 Carats which is equal to 0.67 grams.
The dimensions of the natural peridot are 13.44×8.24x 3.60 mm.
The origin of gem is found in Supat Kohistan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.
Treatment: None
Cutting: Oval Mix Cut


Natural Peridot is widely use in different in making different beautiful rings which glows like a light in the night time. The gem is also used in many ornament for ladies especially
use it in their bracelets, handbags, necklaces, bangles, pins for scalp, brooches for hair and earrings which show a unique style while wearing in some specific function like parties,
birthdays, and wedding ceremony.

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