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Natural Amethyst Hexagon

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Natural Amethyst Hexagon:

Diamonds are forever Its name is derived from the ancient Greek Adamus, meaning “indestructible”. Diamonds reflect unparalleled light, especially when placed under directional spotlights.

Natural Amethyst Hexagon the fine color of sapphire is deep reddish-violet or purple with no visible color zones. Traders prefer a more saturated reddish purple to a deep purple, unless the stone is too dark to diminish its luster. If the color is too dark, the sapphire may appear black in low light conditions. Real gems are not perfect. They have flaws. Color zoning should be present on your sapphire, including additional colors such as blue and white. If your stone is completely purple, it is most likely fake. As for contrasts in sapphire, you should look for scratches and cracks.

There should be color zoning and the shed should have shades of white or blue except purple. A gem that has a certain shade of purple is probably fake. You should also look for bubbles and cracks inside the sapphire. Natural Amethyst Fancy Cut However, check to make sure before trying it. Some natural crystals have low scores on the Mohs hardness scale. Real glass will leave a mark on a normal scratch-resistant piece of glass. If the mark is a so-called crystal, it is a fake crystal and not a natural stone.

Natural Amethyst Hexagon Geodes are usually spherical, but their surfaces are always irregular. Geodes sometimes have loose material inside, which can be heard shaking the rock. … Geodes are often lighter than their size would indicate, as there is no material in the interior

Weight: 11.15 Carat

Dimensions: 16.90×14.80×9.90
Cutting: Hexagon
Origin: Brazil
Color Zoning
Treatment: None

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