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Natural Amethyst Cabochon

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Natural Amethyst Cabochon

Natural Amethyst gem is an amazing enticing cut sort of natural sapphire stone that is available in polish with a convex top, having no sides, and with a flat or round
base. It is a stone that forms and polishes to own a dome form at the highest and is typically flat in structure. Opaque gemstones are typically set into cabochons,
whereas additional clear gems are beautiful decorations. They’re typically made of semi-precious stones like quartz, agate, jasper, chalcedony, onyx, and volcanic glass.
Natural Amethyst cabochon is a solid color sapphire stone is maybe penetrate. Real stones color segmentation that reminds of white and blue with purple undertones.


There is no bubble on a real gemstone on the surface however there may be some threads and impurities at a lower place surface. The Siberian color is very common
because the mineral quartz is fine amethyst and it is a sort of rare. The Cabochon is an incandescent lightweight therefore the color of them is a fox grape with a secondary
red flash. Natural Amethyst cabochon presence of fine color of sapphire and is deep purple with no visible color zones. If the color is simply too dark, the sapphire seems to
be black in low lightweight conditions. Therefore the components present in this stone is miserable and it is easy to wearable on any occasion.


The Weight of the Natural Amethyst cabochon is about 5.40 Carats therefore it is equal to 1.08 grams.
The Dimensions of the Gem, for example, its height, length, and width are 50×9.50×7.50.
The Cutting edges are gem Cut
The Origin of the Amethyst is in Brazil.
Treatment: None

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