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Blue Topaz Stone

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Blue Topaz Stone

Blue Topaz Stone is a natural stone mainly used in jewelry. The topaz stone comes up in different colors but the most valuable color is golden yellow type. The word originates
from the Greek word “topazion” which means fire. The blue topaz is present in various countries like Brazil, Nigeria, Burma, the USA, and Mexico. Brazil is the only country where
we can find Blue Topaz in abundant amounts. These stones are found very rarely on earth due to which their prices are higher in the market and they can vary according to their
quality, different types of colors, and size. It is a soft blue color and t is commonly found in various colors like blue, dusty blue, and light shades of blue.

Advantages of Blue Topaz Stone:

For the treatment of heat, Blue Topaz stone plays a vital role in the market.
It is also very beneficial for health like liver problems, fever, nervous breakdown or mental disorder, appetite cold, and cough, and also for indigestion.
Blue topaz is beneficial and it can bring stability to family relationship, decreases hopelessness, and bring financial freedom.


The weight of blue topaz is around 3.85 Carat which is equal to 0.77 grams.
The dimensions of the stone are 10.50×8.50×5.50.
The Origin of stone is in Africa.
Treatment: Heat

Blue Topaz Stone is one of the most precious and valuable types of topaz. As the topaz is a colorless stone but when we put them to heating it changes into blue hues,
from pale sky blue to swiss blue.  Blue topaz is an aluminum silicate that contains 21% fluorine.
Blue Topaz Stone is not an expensive stone that can be cut from large
gems. It is present in highly acidic igneous rocks such as Rhyolite and Metamorphic.

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