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Antadin Plus Acidity Remedy



Each Sachet contains:
Sodium bicarbonate(USP)……2.144 gm
Citric acid(USP)………………. 0.878 gm
Sodium Citrate (USP) …….. ….0.767gm
Tartaric acid(USP)…………. ….1.072gm
USP specifications

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Antadin Plus (Stomach Pain Relieve):
Antadin Plus sachet get relieves stomach pain which usually occurs after eating unhygienic food or taking an excessive amount of food. stomach acid is also known as gastric
acid which is a waterless, odorless liquid that produces in our body due to the stomach lining. This is highly effective in reducing stomach pain because it contains acid that
can easily break down food. A certain amount of acid in our body usually digests food into small pieces. Therefore, if the number of acids increases or decreases, it may cause
some health problems.


The ingredients present in Antadin plus Hydro Chloric Acid (HCL), Potassium Chloride (KCL), and Sodium Chloride (NaCl).

Each Sachet of Antadin plus contains the following ingredients.

Sodium Bicarbonate (USP).……..……2.144 gm
Citric Acid (USP) …………………………0.0878 gm
Sodium Citrate (USP) ……….….………0.767 gm
Tartaric acid (USP) …………………..….1.072 gm


Take one sachet in a day or follow the prescription of a doctor.
Take proper advice from your health practitioner if you have any allergies.


Please do not exceed the recommended time of its use.
Do not leave the product in excessive heat or sunlight to prevent it from expiry.
Keep the product away from children’s reach because it may diverse effects on health.
Keep the product at room temperature or in a cool or dry place.

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Antadin Plus Acidity Remedy


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