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Akseer-e-Sharifi is special Unani Herbal medicine for night fall (kasrat-e-ehtalaam) Excessive Noctural Emission. It increases the retention power and cures night fall problem.

Kasrat Ihtalaam Nocturnal emission or night emission is mainly caused by bad or erotic dreams. When a person experiences involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleep. Akseer-e-Sharifi cures the abrupt discharge of semen during sleep. If you have nocturnal emission more than 2-3 times a month Akseer e Sharifi is the best herbal medicine for you.

Nocturnal Emission is caused by over production of seminal fluid or its thin consistency, weakness of seminal vesicle or its spasm, excessive use of semen producing diets, avoiding sexual act for a longer duration of time and weakness of kidneys. It is also known as wet dreams or night discharge, most commonly in teenage or early adult age.

Akseer-e-Sharifi is 100% Natural Herbal Unani tablets manufactured by Ajmal Dawakhana to cure wet dreams. It is an age old effective treatment for nocturnal emission.

Symptoms / Treatment:
Treats Wet Dreams
Cures Nocturnal Dreams
Effective for Nightfall
Thin Seminal Fluid
Involuntary Discharge of Semen
1-2 Tablets after lunch and dinner with water. Or as directed by the physician. Use this treatment for 40 days.

Behman Sufaid
Filfil Siyah
Tukham Datura
Pack Size:
20 Tablets in one pack.

Night Fall, Kasrat e Ehtalaam Unani Medicine, Night Discharge, Wet Dream , Nocturnal Emission

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